Student Instructions

Getting Started with OneLogin

On Your First Login!

  • Read, review, and accept NCTC's OneLogin policy
  • Create a new password
  • Create security questions
    • These security questions will be asked when logging in outside an NCTC Campus
    • These questions will also assist in password recovery if a reset is needed
  • Have an Android or iPhone? Learn how to add additional options for 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Add a Browser Extension – This extension is required to access MyNCTC

To set up your NCTC OneLogin account, follow these steps:

  1. Open an internet browser and visit OneLogin
    • We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

  2. Enter your NCTC Network username and click “Continue”
    • Example: John Doe would be doej123456

  3. Enter your Password and click the "Continue" button.
    • Your password will mirror the following format: Az#STUDENTID
      • This password is case sensitive.
    • Your Student ID number is a 7 or 9 digit number provided to you by Admissions
      • NOTE: If your student ID is 7 digits, you will need to add two following zeros
      • Example: Az#123456789 or Az#123456700
    • You will next be prompted to change your password
      • The current password will be the same “Az#STUDENTID” format
      • Create your new password that adheres to the listed criteria
      • NOTE: Your new password cannot use your name

  4. Create security questions.

  5. Add the browser extension – follow the prompts to complete the installation.

  6. Congratulations! You have completed the OneLogin setup process and welcome to your profile page!

Password Information

  • Initial Password for New Student Accounts
    • If you have a 9-character Student ID number, use Az#Student ID Number
      Example:  Az#123456789

    • If you have a 7-character Student ID number, use Az#Student ID Number plus two zeroes
      Example:  Az#123456700

  • New students will be prompted to change their password upon first login.
    • From a computer on campus, click Alt/Ctrl/Delete and choose "Change Password"

    • From a computer or smartphone off campus, use OneLogin to change your password
  • Students may also change their password at any time.
    • From a computer on campus, click Alt/Ctrl/Delete and choose "Change Password"

    • From a computer or smartphone off campus, use OneLogin to change your password

  • The requirements for setting a new password
    • Contain at least 12 alphanumeric characters

    • Contain both upper and lower case letters

    • Contain at least one number (for example, 0-9)

    • Contain at least one special character (for example,!$%^&*()_+|~-=\`{}[]:";'<>?,/)

  • NEVER write down a password. 

  • Try to create passwords that you can easily remember by creating a password based on a song title, affirmation, or other phrase.  For example, the phrase "This Way Be One Way to Remember" could become password TmB1w2R! or other variation.

  • DO NOT use any part of your username in your password.
  • Passwords can only be used one time.  You cannot reuse previously used passwords.

  • To meet security regulatory compliance, students will be asked to reset their password at the start of the new semester.

How do I login to MyNCTC?

  • Username:  Net ID (Example: DoeJ123456)
  • Password:   12 character password (chosen by user)

How do I access my NCTC email account?

Your official e-mail account will be set up and must be activated before you can use it. All official school business will take place through this account. You should contact your instructor if you are unsure of its use in the classroom.

  • Faculty may use this email account in addition to the Canvas (eCampus) conversations Inbox.
  • You are responsible for checking this email address for official business and any classroom use.
  • To access your account, you must first complete your account profile.

Activate your NCTC email

  1. Access OneLogin
    • A OneLogin Guide is available to assist with accessing and using OneLogin
  2. Enter your email address as the username, which will be your MyNCTC User Name
    For example, SmithJ123456)
  3. Enter your MyNCTC Password (listed above) as the password.
    • Your MyNCTC password will either be 9 digits or 7 digits.
  4. Access your App Portal and click on “LionPride - Student Email”
  5. When you log in, you will be asked to set your Time Zone.
  6. Once the Time Zone has been set, you should have access to your Lion Pride email account.

Transfer all NCTC emails to your personal email address

This task is only necessary if you choose to only check one email account and would prefer that email address to be your own personal email account.

  1. Log into your Lion Pride email account.
  2. Access the "Settings" menu by clicking on the cog symbol at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select "Options".
  4. On this page, you should see the options for "my account" and "connected accounts".  Select "connected accounts".
  5. On this page, look for the section marked "forwarding".
  6. Type the email address of the account where you want your messages to be sent.
  7. If you want the message to remain in your Lion Pride inbox, leave the checkbox checked. 
  8. If you only want the message to be available at the forwarded address, uncheck the box.
  9. Click "Start Forwarding".

Any email received on your Lion Pride email account should now automatically forward to the specified email address.

Set up Notifications in Canvas

  1. Log into your Canvas account.
  2. In Global Navigation, click the Account link, then click the Notifications link.
  3. On the Notification screen, you can change your notification settings.

How do I login to Canvas?

Username:      Net ID (Example: DoeJ123456)
Password:      12 character password (chosen by user)
Be sure to save these passwords in a secure location.

How do I log into computers on campus?

  • Username:  Net ID (Example: DoeJ123456)
  • Password:  12 character password (chosen by user)

How do I connect to NCTC WiFi?

If you are a current student during an active term, you may connect to the "NCTC WiFi" general access point with your laptop or mobile device to access the internet. 
  • Log in with your NetID and Password just as you would any computer on campus. 
  • After reading and accepting the wireless use policy, you will have WiFi access to the internet.

Start with to access all your accounts

Need help with OneLogin or MyNCTC?

Contact the ITS Help Desk at 940-668-4284


Need help with Canvas?

Contact the eLearning Help Desk.