If you need help finding a specific course for your schedule, please follow the 4 steps listed below.

  1. Please select ALL in the department drop-down list. 

  2. For the Title and Course Code, select "Contains" for more accurate searching.  This option will search for any course with the keyword or code you type.
    • The TITLE is the name of the course while the COURSE CODE is a combination of the department, the course number, and the section number.

    • For example, HIST 1301 100 is the COURSE CODE while United States History I is the TITLE.
  3. To search for a course on a specific campus, select your campus choice in the drop-down list.  If you are searching for online courses, select "Gainesville Campus and Online Courses" from the Campus selection list.

  4. To help speed your search, select "Open" for Section Status.  This option will only show courses that are still available to add to your course schedule.

If you need additional assistance, please visit or call the counseling office at any of our campus locations.