Be sure to review your Advising Worksheet/Degree Audit to identify the classes you need for your major. It's also helpful to follow the suggestions below:
  • Please keep ALL as the default in the department drop-down list. 
  • For the Title and Course Code, it’s best to enter the course code ONLY such as ENGL 1301 or MATH 1342 (make sure you put a space between the letters and the numbers).
  • To search for a course on a specific campus, select your campus choice in the drop-down list.  If you are searching for online courses, select "Gainesville Campus and Online Courses" from the Campus selection list.

    cool All courses that are fully online or synchronous online (meaning you will have virtual lectures each week offered at specific days and times) will be listed under the campus Gainesville and Online Courses.

    smile All courses that are taught on campus or as hybrid courses (meaning partially online and also with weekly face to face meetings) will be listed under the campus where the in-person class meetings will occur.

  • To help speed your search, select "Open" for Section Status.  This option will only show courses that are still available to add to your course schedule. Sections that are "Full" can still be waitlisted-just click "Add" on a full course to be automatically added to a waitlist.

If you need additional assistance, please visit the Meet Your Advisor page to get in touch with your advisor or success coach, or you can email