How Lion Up Works

Go directly to the NCTC Virtual Campus QLess weblink or download the QLess app to sign into the virtual line for the office you need. Enter your full name and cellphone number, and any notes that would be helpful for NCTC staff to assist you, and then wait where you are to receive a call!










For all the NCTC services you need to register for classes, and beyond!


  • Questions about your application or what documents are required for admission?
  • Need assistance with applying for Financial Aid?
  • Want to talk with an Advisor or Success Coach to get registered for classes?
  • Need to make a payment or get a student ID card?
Will allow you to sign into a virtual line using your smartphone (via the QLess app), computer or tablet. 
Will send you a personalized text letting you know what NCTC office you’ve signed in for, and your estimated wait time.
Will let you know when you are within 15 minutes of receiving a phone call from the NCTC office you need, so you can be served virtually without making a trip to campus!
Will let NCTC staff move you to other virtual lines/offices for needed services, after they are done assisting you by phone!