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What is LionALERT?
LionALERT is the NCTC Emergency Notification System.  This service provides school closing information, notifications for weather emergencies and threats on or near our campuses.  Notifications are sent via text message, email, Twitter, Facebook, campus network computers and, where available, emergency beacons and public address systems.
How do I get LionALERT?
Students :  Once per semester you will be prompted on your Student Dashboard to verify your mobile number or chose to opt-out of the system.  All students are enrolled automatically in the dashboard and may chose to opt out of text message notifications there. We strongly encourage you remain in the system to receive important information in the event of an emergency or campus closing information.
Employees :  All new employees will complete a form in their employment packet to provide their mobile phone number or chose to opt out of the system.  All employees are enrolled via their assigned email address automatically.  If you have not provided your information to Human Resources for LionALERT notifications, please complete the "Emergency Notification System" form on the Fac/Staff Forms page and return to HR.
Why do I get notifications outside my area or from other campuses?
As a school with a number of commuters between campuses we broadcast notifications for the entire system.  This informs those who are on  campus and can update those who may be travelling to a campus experiencing an emergency situation.
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